Links to online articles and support for information on Ozone Therapies

Order the book for home ozone use-
Written by Dr Frank Shallenberger “the Godfather of Molecular Medicine”:

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health- Medical Gas Research

International Scientific Community on Ozonetherapy

For a list of Drs practicing Ozone in your area and some great resource- The American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Great history of Ozone therapy

Study comparing Ozone to steroid injections - American Journal of Neuroradiology

Pain killing effect of ozone-oxygen injection on spine and joint osteoarthritis

Ozone Shot as Effective as Surgery for Herniated Discs

The connection between oxidative stress and osteoporosis
(there are many more of these types of articles connecting oxidative stress and disease and auto – immune diseases. Ozone helps the body deal with oxidative stress through cellular oxgyenation)

European review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences on using Ozone to off set fatigue after / with conventional cancer treatments

Article written by Lemmo Integrative Cancer Care clinic of Naturopaths, on the use of Ozone in cancer:

Great podcast"> listening to Dr Shallenberger explain ozone in lay mans terms

Learn about the amazing healing therapies of Dr Shallenberger

Links to Ilana's teachers:
Dr Frank Shallenberger in Nevada-

Dr Sterling in Comox-

Dr Rod LeBlanc in White Rock-

Other Doctors doing Ozone Therapy in Victoria:
Husband and wife Medical Dr team
Biological alternative dentistry
Naturopathic services offering ozone and IV